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About to Create or Edit A Movie?

It used to be that creating and editing a movie required expensive equipment, an editing lab, and professional skills or services.  Now, creating and editing your own movies has never been easier.  With new Dell computers that have faster processors, higher definition display, and many available software programs or online programs even the beginner can create and edit nearly professional looking movies or videos. 

Reasons you might want to learn how to create and edit a movie include:

- Recording family moments.  From Christmas morning to birthday parties or family vacations a video recording is a great way to document important events as well as remember the memories later.

- Sharing video on YouTube.  From family videos, instructional guidelines, to fun video clips sharing video on YouTube has become a great way to share information and entertainment.

- A homework assignment.  As students are learning in a more and more technological advanced environment they are required to learn how to use technology.  Video assignments are one of those things they are using to create homework presentations.

  • - Documenting important work events or productions.  From school plays to work presentations video is great for documenting and recording important events for later review.  A video is also a great way to present a new idea or concept in work meetings and presentations as well.


When you have decided to make a movie, either for home viewing or to share with others through the various outlets on the web here are the important steps you should take.

  • - Find a quality video camera that will allow you not only to record but will also connect to your computer and allow you to download the raw video.


  • - Choose a program to use for viewing and editing the video.  There are hundreds of programs to choose from; some come standard with other programs already on your computer or there are others with additional features or made simpler to use.


  • - View the video and determine what editing changes you want to make.  Cut out unnecessary spots, add transitions, captions, or even re-sequence various parts of the video. 


  • - Review the video and repeat the editing process as often as necessary until you create the finished product you are looking for.


  • - Finally, publish the video.  Whether you simply keep the file for your own viewing, upload it to the web, or use it as part of a larger presentation you will find it looks clean and nearly professional.


So, whether you have previous experience or not; learning to make your own video can be a fun and enjoyable new hobby.  Whether your first attempt at a movie is your child’s school play, a family home video, a documentary, or simply a fun video to share on YouTube you might find that it quickly can become a hobby you enjoy.

Written by Anna Hicks


Thinking of selling or giving away your old computer? In most cases your data is still on your hard drive!

Already deleted all of your files or formatted your hard drive and reinstalled your operating system? Many experts don’t want you to know that virtually everything on your hard drive is still available to anyone with the knowledge of how to use some basic tools in order to recover it. Some computer experts are not even aware that there are bad blocks on every traditional hard drive that are not overwritten by even the most popular programs that claim to wipe your hard drive.

When a file is deleted, the computers operating system typically just removes its name from the directory structure’s special disk sectors. The actual data remains in the hard drive where it can easily be retrieved until the sectors are written over by new random data.

When a hard drive is reformatted, the hard disk drive removes the file directory so that the operating system no longer sees a path to the data, but it is all still there. Software that overwrite files as you delete them, may not work effectively or may not work at all.

If you follow these guidelines, you can be fairly certain that your private information will remain private. The only proper way to actually wipe your hard drive is to use a simple tool called HDDerase.exe – It is free and available to everyone. HDDerase can be downloaded from the Centre for Magnetic Recording Research

The HDDerase tool communicates directly with the hard drive controller. This tool was designed to work on modern hard drives. It takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete on the average hard drive.

If your hard drive is more than 10 years old, the HDDerase tool may inform you that it cannot perform a secure erase. If your hard drive is too old, or you are not overly concerned with the data that will remain available in bad blocks, we suggest that you run a free program such as Darik’s Boot And Nuke (DBAN) which can be downloaded at However, programs like DBAN can take several days to run on larger drives.

Running HDDerase is the best defense against the theft of your passwords, your banking information, and your identity. If you operate a business and have sensitive data such as client information we strongly recommend that you run HDDerase. To be extra certain that all of your data is wiped you can follow up with a program such as DBAN, and also consider having your hard drive physically destroyed.

If you are using a flash based drive we strongly recommend physically destroying the hard drive after wiping it. The actual design of a flash based drive increases the complexity and difficulty of effectively overwriting data on the drive.

If you need help in securely wiping your data from your hard drive, or would like a hard drive destroyed, contact



Think Your Router is Keeping Your Wireless Network Safe? Think Again!

You are at risk if your router has a "WPS" button on it. Even if the WPS feature is disabled - you are still at risk. The bad new is that many routers, including almost all Linksys routers, are at risk unless the firmware has been replaced.

A recent, but readily available program named Reaver can be used to hack into any router with WPS. It can often be used to hack into a router with WPS even if the WPS function is turned off or disabled. The Reaver program can hack into any router with WPS in less than 10 hours.

Once your router is hacked into - all of your data including your identity, your passwords and your banking information is at great risk. The hacker may also use your network to conduct illegal activity.

You may be able to increase the security of a router that uses the WPS protocol by installing third party firmware such as DD-WRT. However, if you have a WPS button on your router you really should either replace the router with another that does not use the WPS protocol, or simply shut off your wifi and use only a wired connection to your computer.

If you are interested in reading more, see:

Ars Technia's Hands On

If you need help with your router or network security, contact



Using Public Wifi? You Had Better Use Remote Access Software!

You just can't beat the convenience of using Wifi at places like Williams Coffee Pub, MacDonalds, and the public library. However, you need to take special care to protect yourself when you are on a network that you do not own. If you must do banking or type in passwords to access your email, programs, or files you should use remote access to log into your home computer so that others on the free wifi network will not be able to see what you are doing.

Anyone on the free wifi network can potentially see everything that you are doing unless you use remote software such as LogMeIn or TeamViewer. These free software programs allow you to log into your home computer through the free wifi network. You will see the desktop of your home computer on the laptop or tablet screen that you have with you and allow you to use your home computer to do your banking, log into email accounts...etc

If you need help setting up or learning how to use remote software, contact



Looking for Free online Storage and File Transfer? Try These Services:

SugarSync is probably the best free solution to store files online and synchronize them between computers. SugarSync provides a generous 5GB with their free account. Aside from being simple to install, setup and use - it is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. You can right click on files to add them to SugarSync. A folder called the Magic Briefcase syncs automatically between all of your devices. Click on one of the SugarSync links on this page and get an extra 500 MB of free space on a free account.


Click this link to Dropbox to set up a free account and get 2.5 GB instead of 2 GB for free. Dropbox is a great free file-synchronization tool. It gives you access to your files on all of your computers or tablets. It stores files with encryption and makes your files available on virtually any operating system - Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, BlackBerry, and Android. Easily store data, files, photos...etc in the cloud and share data between computers. When you share with friends you can obtain up to 16 GB for free. If you need more space, you can pay for however much you need. Dropbox uses a bandwidth-saving feature to download and upload only the parts of files that have changed or been revised. It is very easy to set up and use.



Looking for the Ultimate Online Backup and File Transfer Solution? Try KineticD:

Need more room and a backup solution at an affordable price? Check out KineticD. It is a Canadian company and your data is encrypted at your computer or computers as it is sent to the cloud. What does this mean? It means that even if someone were to somehow get access to your data in the cloud - that they could not read it nor use it since it was encrypted before it was sent to the cloud. Data is encrypted at the highest possible level with 448-bit Blowfish encryption.

In addition to Windows compatibility, KineticD provides applications for Mac OS X, iPad, and iPhone. There is no limit to the number of computers to be backed up. KineticD can be used as a full-featured online backup solution with remote-desktop control capability. The service provides constant protection and file sharing solutions.

You can easily select and change what you want backed up. You can even exclude file types by simply entering file extensions. Unlike many other common services, KinectD will easily allow you to back up USB drives and network drives. Another great feature of KineticD is that it will automatically and immediately back up any updates or changes to folders that you specified. This means that your data will always be backed up. Many other solutions out there have you select a later time for backup. Selecting a later time to back up is risky as your computer may fail or be turned off at the selected back up time. We highly recommend KineticD for both home users and business owners.

Click on the icon below to get started on a 30 day Free Trial: