Online Computer Repair and Remote Computer Repair
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Remote Computer Repair

Computer Problems?  We Can Help!

We can help fix most computer issues over the Internet while you watch.

Remote Assist is a convenient way for you to connect to us over the Internet for professional assistance or computer repair. In seconds we can connect to your PC or Mac computer over the Internet and, with your permission, we can fix the issue you are having as you watch. Once we log off we cannot log back in without your permission.


Remote Assist is a great tool to solve computer issues very quickly, to update or install software, or to teach you anything on the computer. There are many services that can be provided through Remote Assist.

Remote Assist online support is safe and secure. You always have the ability to take back control of your computer at anytime. It is fast and convenient. Our services are guaranteed.

Call Now 519-304-2524

Some common Remote Assist services we provide:

  • Computer Setup and Personalization
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Printer Setup and Printer Issues
  • Software Installation
  • Hardware Installation Assistance
  • Check and Increase Security
  • Computer Tweaks and Tune Up
  • Solve Computer Glitches
  • Antivirus installation and set up
  • Computer back up sofware installation and set up

Receive 30 Minutes Support for $50.00

The client agrees to the following remote support terms and conditions

If more than 30 minutes is required, additional time is billed at $15.00 for 15 minutes.Tax extra.

We offer flat rate pricing for many remote fixes or repairs. Online virus removal is $80. Tax extra.

Minutes of Remote Support

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