Mobile Computer Repair and Online Computer Repair
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Computer Virus Removal


We will conduct an extensive diagnosis of your computer issues and repair your computer. In many cases, we can repair your computer over the web through remote assist. We can also come to your home or business in person.

We remove viruses and spyware from your computer with a 24 to 48 hour turnaround!

Get fast same day online virus removal


Ready to buy a new computer or gadget? We're here to help!

We can provide expert advice on tech purchases before you make them. We can also set up your new computer or gadget for you and have it connect to your other devices such as printers or computers. We can transfer your data from an old computer to a new one, optimize performance, and help install software to get you up and running quickly. We will answer any questions you have.

Computer and Tech Training
We provide basic training for tech devices such as iPads, computers, Windows and Macs. Let us know what topic you would like training on and set up an appointment with us. We can also help you set up all of your electronic devices and ensure that they are properly configured to suit your needs.

Computer Networking and Consulting

Our network staff can set up a wired or wireless network for you. We also provide network consultations and provide detailed recommendations on what will work best for you.

Home Network Support

We can set up all of your computers and electronic devices on a network and make sure it is secure.

Network Attached Storage Back Up

We can set up a NAS device which will allows you to store iTunes, photos, movies, or data and access from any computer. We can also set up your NAS to automatically back up data from all of your computers automatically.

Off Site Back Up

We can provide you with a complete solution to back up all of your data to the cloud so you will never have to worry about losing your data. We will also store a copy of your physical hard

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Remote Computer Repair & Online Computer Tech Support

We offer advanced diagnostics and repair over the web through remote assist to anywhere in the North America. Once you give permission, we start fixing your computer while you watch on your screen. You remain in control as you can remove permission at any time.

Connect to a live technician and get 30 minutes of service for only

* additional time is billed at $15.00/15 minutes
* online virus removal is billed at a flat rate of $80
Tax extra

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